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So I have been pretty anti-Twitter for some time now. It seems rather overkill to me in terms of the sheer amount of information being shared back and forth, most of which, I assume, is not that important. Yet, I realized it is a little strange to be pro-Facebook and yet anti-Twitter at the same time. Twitter is actually a subset of the distractions and busyness that goes along with Facebook--Twitter is simply the status update portion of the Facebook profile. Facebook has many more (mostly) useless things to get distracted by than just status updates.

While not desiring entirely to jump in to the Twitter craze of mass updating while avoiding (gasp!) human contact, I think it need not be so overkill. As I have already been accustomed to updating every now and then on Facebook, I figure it might not hurt to do the updating on Twitter instead and then link those to my Facebook profile.

Not that I am that important or anything, but if this is how people are communicating these days, might as well be a little part of it.

That said, feel free to follow me @hauckmatt


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