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Mohler on Tyler Clementi and Christian love

Between the Boy and the Bridge — A Haunting Question, Al Mohler

Christians do not lie about what sin is and redefine it to make people feel better. Shame is the right response for sin against God. Yet, let there be an end to the bullying and joking that puts certain people in categories of "sinfulness" of their own. Are we any better? Let us have compassion as God has had toward us, that they might see the love of God toward them.

Was there no one to step between Tyler Clementi and that bridge? Was there no friend, classmate, or trusted adult who had the courage and compassion to reach into his life and offer hope? Was there no one who could tell him that the anguish of his moment would not last for his lifetime? Was there no one to put into perspective the fact that people who did not love him had taken advantage of him, but that the many who did love him would love him no less?
Even long before they may hear or respond to the gospel, they need to know that they are loved and cherished for who they are. They need to know that we stand between them and those who would harm them. They need to know that we know how to love sinners because we have been loved despite our own sin.


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