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The Cross Road // 十字架的道路

Recently had a retreat here at EBCT entitled "The Cross Road" (十字架的道路). I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope it might benefit you as well.

Cross-Centered Living Is Christian Living 基督徒的生活就是以十字架為中心的生活 

[1 Corinthians 2:2]

His Blood and God’s Love  他的血及神的愛  

(Penal Substitution and the Love of God 贖罪祭和神的愛)
[1 John 4:8-10]

[mp3: http://www.ebct.org.tw/sermon/sunday_worship/2010-09-25(1)_recording.mp3]

His Blood Advocates For You 他的血為你的中保 

(Propitiation and Guilt 挽回祭和罪疚)
[1 John 1:8-2:2]

[mp3: http://www.ebct.org.tw/sermon/sunday_worship/2010-09-25(2)_recording.mp3]

His Blood Secures You 他的血是你的保證  

(Redemption and Perseverance 救贖和堅忍到底)
[John 10:27-28]

[mp3: http://www.ebct.org.tw/sermon/sunday_worship/2010-09-25(3)_recording.mp3]

His Blood Sanctifies You 他的血使你成聖 

(Reconciliation and Holiness 和好和聖潔)
[Colossians 1:19-23]

[mp3: http://www.ebct.org.tw/sermon/sunday_worship/2010-09-26_recording.mp3]


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