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Social Media Blues

I have a sort of fascination with social media. I get very excited at the thought of it. But when I actually see what people twitter about and get bored with what is actually on Facebook, I get very disillusioned with the whole idea of it. I have toyed with the idea of shutting down Facebook / Buzz several times. I think it is time to actually do it.

I long for deeper relationships with people, something that social media cannot provide us with no matter how hard it tries. It brings an air of connectedness, but in the end it is vacuous. In its wake is loneliness and a decreased feeling of connectedness than at the start. Boo.

On top of this is the time stewardship issue. Five minutes here and five minutes there on Facebook throughout the day adds up to a lot of time. If I were to have followed every impulse to be on Facebook to rather study Hebrew, I would be a lot further along in Hebrew! Seeing the number of important things to do and study, I must (at least for a time) set aside Facebook / Buzz.

I don't plan to delete my accounts, just to sign out and not sign back in. I also will still be blogging and tweeting things I find significant, and these will still probably autopost to Facebook / Buzz, but I will not be checking these anymore. So comments / questions left there will probably not find their way to me. It would be better to comment on the blog itself, or contact me via email / phone.


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