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The Necessary yet Horrible Rejection of Jesus

What a deep and heavy paradox is the rejection and death of Jesus Christ. It was the most necessary thing for our salvation, and yet it was the most horrible thing that ever happened. As Jesus said it, "The Son of man goes as it is written, but woe to him by whom he goes!"  (Matt 26:24)

Here is the great paradox in that Jesus should have been accepted by the Israelite nation 2000 years ago in faith and joy, and yet it was simultaneously necessary that he be rejected in order to accomplish salvation! The things written about him in the OT Scripture, that he would die and raise again, must be fulfilled. It was necessary. (Luke 24:44, 46)

Jesus must go to the cross, but woe to the man who volunteers he goes to it! Woe to the man who sends him there, yet Peter is not treated well for preventing him either! Who would ever suggest that Jesus be crucified, and yet, knowing what it was for, who would stop it? 

Let us stand in awe. Let us weep in reverence. Let us cherish this gift of gifts. Let us live lives of sacrifice and service to advance the gospel unto the glory of Christ!


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Matt Hauck (郝柏昇)

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