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What Shall We Do? Responding to trying times

"What shall we do?"

This is the question that I keep finding myself coming back to. What are we to do in life / in ministry when things do not seem to be going exactly as planned? What are we to do when the numbers are dropping instead of rising? Is it me? Is it this? Is it that? 

What shall we do? It is neither helpful nor wise to be constantly recalculating your trajectory. This leads nowhere...quite literally. There will never be any progress forward if you are constantly worried about whether you're going the right way!

What shall we do?  Shall we perpetually doubt ourselves and live in the fear of doing something wrong and offending someone? This will neither honor the Lord nor help God's people.

What shall we do? Faithfulness. Know your duty, do it well, and trust in God to work.

The fear of the Lord is preciously liberating! It is liberating to know he calls us to faithfulness and not success. It is liberating to know I am called to obey the Lord and let him take care of the results. When I know my duty and fear the Lord, it matters not how many detractors say we are going the wrong way.

I am increasingly convinced that radical faithfulness is the key, and this means I think in terms of years and decades, rather than months and weeks.

I am desperate indeed that God work and bless the ministry here, to open eyes and awake the dead. I desire more than anything that Jesus be glorified as the gospel powerfully transforms hearts and lives. I am learning to faithfully care for this precious people God has entrusted to me. 

May he strengthen us for this task! "God does not choose anyone who is worthy, but in choosing him renders him worthy." (Augustine, cf. 1Ti 1:12-13)


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