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A New Path to Theological Liberalism? Wayne Grudem on Evangelical Feminism

Al Mohler, "A New Path to Theological Liberalism? Wayne Grudem on Evangelical Feminism"

Mohler summarizes:

In Evangelical Feminism, published by Crossway Books, Grudem argues that evangelical feminism now represents one of the greatest dangers to the continued orthodoxy of the evangelical movement.

I saw this book awhile back on Amazon and browsed through it a bit there. The table of contents is quite complete and gives you a good overview of what the book is about and what arguments are made. 

I think Grudem is totally on target here. This is exactly why I am wary of any seminary that concedes on this issue to accept women M. Div students or women teachers. (This is not a matter of preference or discrimination, but a matter of roles ordained by God and the authority of his word.) This reveals something about seminary and their view of Scripture. If they are willing to concede here, it is only a matter of time before something else gives.


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