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Chinese Parenting Is Superior?

Al Mohler writes about a book entitled, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, written by a Chinese mother about the superiority of Chinese parenting over Western parenting. I do not necessarily approve of "Western" parenting. Yet neither can I approve of much Chinese parenting I see.  The selfish, rebellious, idolatrous heart of mankind rears its ugly head in parenting in different ways in Chinese culture than it does in American culture. 

I vote for option C, Christian parenting: parenting motivated by the grace of God in the gospel, that combines both love and discipline, to provide both structure and grace, that commands authority and yet does so under God; parenting that teaches them not one small sliver of life (e.g. education, business), but that teaches children an entire worldview, who they are, who God is, to understand true success, true blessedness in life that comes from knowing Christ. 

Authority without love is an ugly thing. I do not think that harsh parenting to produce good grades and money-making "products" can be called successful parenting. This is not only unbiblical, it also makes the kids are miserable! Living in Taiwan, you see it is not just the parenting, but society in general is very competitive and very focused on getting ahead. I'm sure there are sociological and economical reasons for such differences in mindset, yet this is  no excuse for a utilitarian view of children. 

I would rather my children fail in business and school and yet know that I love them, than that they succeed in all these and have no relationship with me, or worse: despise me. I would rather they "fail" and know that true life is about knowing Christ, than that they "succeed" and think that is all there is to life. 

Al Mohler's final comments on this woman's book are judicious:

The Christian response reaches to even deeper levels of concern. A life lived in service to Christ on the mission field would be considered an embarrassment. The heroic service of a mother in the home is displaced by professional status. Parenting for deployment in the Kingdom of Christ is not even on the screen and would not qualify as a serious concern. The Christian worldview honors achievement and the stewardship of gifts, but not at the expense of faithfulness to Christ. Achievement, as the world sees it, may at times be a stumbling block to Christian faithfulness.

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