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Things Are Amiss

Things are amiss
Not too much bliss
I'm longing with an earnestness,
To see His face
And then erase
All the pain and emptiness,
That fill this place
This brief rat race
Which we call life, but is not life.

O crushing weight!  What a great mess!
We have sinned.
We have sinned.
We have turned from God and bowed before,
Other things, not the One that we were made for,
Be assured, sin brings wrath forevermore.
We are doomed to wrath and sorrow untold,
But for the love which God did not withhold!

The splendor of the risen King,
Will bring deep joy everlasting,
For on the cross he was suffering,
And bore our guilt,
And wore our filth,
And bore our shame,
For spurning His Name,
And paid our price,
His life the sacrifice,
Which pays our ransom and sets us free,
Now risen in power and victory,
His payment received,
We eternally redeemed,
Him now full of glory,
The whole world will see.

Things are amiss, do you not see?
Believe and have life eternally!
Life as it ought to be:
Forever praising His majesty.


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