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Goodbye Naruto, Goodbye One Piece

For those who don't know, I am much a fan of Naruto and One Piece, two Japanese comics about ninjas and pirates respectively. I've read them since college, and find them most enjoyable, hilarious and awesome. Yet alas, the day has come when I must say goodbye.

I had been reading them online for some time. There were websites offering it all over the place and never questioned really whether it was legal or not. Several months ago, I began to be convicted about this and decided to stop. Shortly after this, Japanese manga companies began to crack down and all the websites started shutting down, with the exception of one I knew of. 

However, shortly after this, I found a page on the official Shonen Jump website, which allowed free online viewing. Contented at this, that the publisher was making it available online, I kept reading for a time. However, I have noticed that lately they have taken this down. Alas, any warrant from the publisher for reading it online is now removed. 

Count it my public confession, or recanting, of reading online manga. No more.

Maybe we can find somewhere for this in the budget.... =)


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