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Children are like upset little gods

I wrote most of this down in my journal on Aug. 16. Don't remember now what my kids did that morning, but it brought about the following reflections:

While I do believe in a kind of varying "age of accountability" before which all children will go to heaven, it is not because of their sinlessness before that age. Anyone still holding on to the conception that all humans are basically good should spend some good time with children. 

Children are like upset little gods. They always want to be in control of whatever they're doing. Yet they're not in control, and so they're often upset. The one thing that every parent who has been embarrassed before in public (i.e. in the supermarket) that the one thing you "don't do" to make these little gods angry is say "no" to them. Try not giving them what they want, or taking away what they want, and they throw a fit: "Oh no you did not just say no to me!!"

They are slowly coming into the realization that though they desperately want to be god and want to be in control, their purposes are often frustrated. Quite simply, because we are not God. We adults on the other hand are not too different, just much more sophisticated. We've learned how to hide our upset. 

And so, teach your children to become accustomed to the words "no". We do them no service by pandering their illusions of deity. We should instead love them enough to show them a small preview of the penalty of idolatry via persistent application of "the rod" as well as patient and wise instruction. It is a sad thing when parents seek to appease their children rather than to please God, fear the upset of these little gods more than the wrath of the living God.


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