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Today, Sanny and I had the pleasure of welcoming our son, Jared Isaiah Hauck, into the world. We are so excited to bring home another little Hauck to join our family. This brings the grand total to four children at home that we have the privilege of parenting.

We rejoice and are so thankful for the opportunity to love this new person that God has brought into the world. He doesn't belong to me, or to us, but is a person belonging to God, made in the image of God, who has been granted to us by God for our temporary stewardship and instruction and protection.  He is totally helpless, does not know anything about this world, needs someone to protect him and feed him and care for him and teach him.  What an awesome task!  Today was such a wonderful day.


And yet, it was also a difficult day.

Before the joy comes...difficulty, mostly for my wife. This is now the fifth full pregnancy and fifth time she has given birth. I can tell you that it has not gotten any easier to stand by her side five times and watch her undergo such pain with no ability to do anything to help her but to hold her hand. It is a traumatic event. And I'm just an observer. 

I love my wife so much and am left speechless by her service and sacrifice for our children in the very act of bringing them into this world, not to mention the days and weeks and years of service of her pouring her life into loving and teaching and serving our children. She is awesome.

(aside: People who despise such work as inferior to a "professional career" are crazy. If you don't have the heart to invest in your children, do you think your nanny will? If both you and your nanny don't, then who will?)


And yet, not all have this privilege. After we were taken to the portpartum room today, I looked out the window to enjoy the scenery from the new Oakland Kaiser facility, and saw a building across the street: Albert Brown Mortuary. Talk about contrast.

Not every expecting couple visiting the hospital today walked away with a happy healthy baby. In fact, we were in that very position just three years ago with Evelyn. We found ourselves in need of those services, rather than instructions on how to feed and clothe, etc. It is hard to get nearer to the reality of the sheer fallenness of the world we live in then when dealing with the death of young children. Life was not supposed to be this way. We as humankind have messed things up royally, and the effect is ever before us.


There are many worthy reflections here.

Death is horrible. It is not natural and not normal. It is the result of sin. I weep with those who have lost children either in labor or otherwise. Death in general is the penalty of rebellion in general against God. Every time we face it, we are reminded that we will one day face our Maker. 

Labor is horrible. Genesis 3 says pain in childbirth is a direct result of the fall of mankind into sin. 

Parenting is a privilege, not a right. So we cannot demand life from our Maker. 

Parenting is a privilege, not a burden. So we do not neglect it or grumble over its inconveniences (which admittedly are many...)

Travail is often the pathway to joy.  Christ suffered on the cross for the joy set before him of saving his people and bringing glory to God. God leads us through dark valleys only because they lead to the greener pastures of greater love for him and greater appreciation of his mercy. Do not avoid making difficult decisions because you like your life as it is, in particular when you know it is something God has called you to do. 

Christ is our Redeemer! He saves us from the penalty of sin by having paid our just penalty in our place, in order to grant forgiveness and peace with God. Christ will come and rescue all who repent of their rebellion and put their trust in him, and redeem and restore this fallen world!

Back to Jared...



Thanks for letting me share with you a bit about Jared. We're excited to finally meet him.

Jared. Because it's a cool name and we like it. 

Isaiah. Because "the LORD is salvation", and we want him and others to know it.

Hauck. Because he's a Hauck. =)



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