Music is to celebrate truth

There seems to be a happy trend lately of the increase of songs with good biblical doctrinal content, particularly in Christian hip-hop. I remember when I first became a Christian and wanted some good hip-hop to listen to, and all I could find was KJ-52 singing, "My name is KJ-Five-Tweezy..."  haha, needless to say, it left me a little unsatisfied to say the least. 

I like what's going on these days with good doctrinal songs, like Lecrae, Trip Lee, Shai Linne, Timothy Brindle, etc. 

However, there is another more unfortunate trend to go with it. There are a few songs here and there that I think rather unwise, attempting to teach on controversial topics. Shai Linne has a song trying to prove that Jesus died only to save the elect, the "definite atonement" view. Evangel has a song where he says that baby's that die don't go to heaven. [He assumes the view that they do go to heaven implies they don't have sin, which is not the case! Their entrance into heaven (which I believe is sure) is just as much by grace!]

What inevitably ends up happening when you try to address something controversial in a medium that is not meant for controversial topics is oversimplification. There are books written on each of these topics, and for them to try to "prove" it in a song with three verses, or to make a passing reference to it (in Evangel's case) is to make a straw man of the other side, and to grossly oversimplify. 

Music is to celebrate truth, not to be a platform for teaching on hard issues. This is why we have books with careful arguments and response to issues and careful study of passages. I don't like this trend, but I am very excited that the great truth about Christ--who he is and what he's done--is being put to song in more genres today. Music is to celebrate truth. 




Joyful Noise

I invite you go to to Lecrae's MySpace and listen to the song "Joyful Noise." It is a great song. I especially enjoy Lecrae's ability to say two things that sound the same but are yet different things. Okay, not so eloquent, but you know what I mean.

Jesus Christ anointed One ascended in the ear [rhymes with previous] or you could say the air where the Father made him heir

All I really wanted was the One who really won it.

Genius. "I love it."

Matt Hauck (郝柏昇)

A once enemy now son, forgiven and freed by Jesus' blood, adopted and called by grace for glory.   (more...)