Why John Piper Should Not Have Invited Rick Warren

So John Piper has asked Rick Warren to speak at this year's Desiring God National Conference, Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God. You may have heard about this, either through buzz in the blogosphere or even from Piper himself in his recent Ask Pastor John session. I have known this for some time now as Warren told me himself when I visited Saddleback last September. So I have had a long time to reflect on it. And having done so, I am persuaded that it is not a good idea.


Not a huge fan of controversy. Yet, I think this is a very fair and judicious commentary.




Abortion and Obama

Please read this article on a survivor of late-term abortion.

Mr. Obama said in a speech on the Illinois Senate floor that he could not accept that babies wholly emerged from their mother's wombs are "persons"

Well, Mr. Obama, what about those that do survive? Are they robots? Should we kill them? Does it make a difference if we kill them in the womb or if we strangle them a few hours later? Is one any more civilized than the other? Anyone without a seared conscience I hope will see the clear answer to these questions.

Christians (including myself) might have wondered at some point in time or another how much influence the president can really have in terms of law-making and this issue. It seems a good number of Christians are surprisingly supporting Obama knowing clearly his views on this issue. Will he really pursue this issue, or is it just a conviction he personally has? Listen to him:

To Mr. Obama, abortion, or "reproductive justice," is "one of the most fundamental rights we possess." And he promises, "the first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act," which would overturn hundreds of federal and state laws limiting abortion, including the federal ban on partial-birth abortion and bans on public funding of abortion.




Shepherd's Fellowship Makeover

I was on the Shepherd's Fellowship website today looking for some notes from previous conferences. I noticed that they remodeled their website and it looks really good! Plus, the Shepherd's Fellowship is free now! Praise the Lord! (Not sure how long it has been free, I just noticed.)

I also realized that I am the only Shepherd's Fellowship member in all of Taiwan. =(




Disneyland in China





Jesus' Tomb

So, they found Jesus' tomb, eh?

Much thanks to Pulpit magazine for providing info (and of course, adequate refutation) like this for people like me who don't watch TV.

I like this part:

To put that in today’s American society (according to a 1990 census), “Joseph” would be equivalent to the name “John” (as the second-most-popular name), “Mary” equivalent to the name “Mary” (which is still the most-popular woman’s name), and “Jesus” would be equivalent to the name “David” (as the sixth-most-popular name).

If we found a gravesite today in which there was a tombstone for “John,” and another for “David, John’s son” – Would we be able to assert with any degree of certainty which “David” we were talking about? I wonder how many “Johns” there are (or have been in the last two centuries) in the United States who have had a wife named “Mary” and a son named “Dave.” Certainly many more than just one.

Then, if we knew that the “David” we were looking for was unmarried and from Los Angeles, but the grave we found was for a “David” who was married and was buried in New York, what would we conclude?


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