No Pass from Theological Responsibility

Al Mohler, No Pass from Theological Responsibility — The BioLogos Conundrum

The controversy between Biologos and Mohler continues, as they keep publishing articles directed at him and he keeps responding. Public debate calls for public responses. Mohler doesn't let them off easy.




Mohler and BioLogos on Authority and the OT

Mohler writing once more in response to BioLogos: Science Trumps the Bible? — An Amazingly Candid (and Disastrous) Argument

These articles have been very helpful in revealing that the issue with evolution really is with biblical authority. Evolution and Christianity really are incompatible. He has some great quotes from Coyne (evolutionist) to this point. Anyone who says you can have both is being honest to neither.

Mohler has especially been showing how much of the Bible one must compromise in order to accept evolution as true. This time he shows Giberson has given up on the authority of "revealed truth" as well as the God of the OT! Giberson writes, "But who believes in this deity any more, besides those same fundamentalists who think the earth is 10,000 years old?" 

Giberson responds some here: Through a Glass Darkly:  The God of the Old Testament

He is more than willing to take out parts of the OT he doesn't like and ascribe it to "the humanity of the biblical authors". He says he is okay doing this because he is not a "biblical literalist". However, he has confused the categories of the source/nature of the Bible and the way to interpret the Bible. He says he doesn't interpret literally, and then makes a statement about its source: it comes from man more than it comes from God, or man is able to blur and confuse the revelation that came from God, or in other words, not every word is breathed out by God.

No thanks. I'd rather stick with the Scripture.

Matt Hauck (郝柏昇)

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