Latin to English w/ Google

Google has done it again! Google translator now supports Latin to English! It is still in "Alpha" stage, but for those of us who know absolutely zero Latin and try to read older commentators (like Henry Alford) who quote Latin and give no translation, this still helps immeasurably to at least give a partial sense of what its talking about rather than being completely in the dark.

(Did I say I love Google yet?)




High-Quality Classes at

In case you didn't know, there is a wonderful website called The Biblical Training Institute, headed up by everybody's favorite Greek instructor: William Mounce.

They have all sorts of online classes (video / audio) for new believers, lay leaders, and even seminary-level classes. Most of the classes are complete with a syllabus and reading list. I personally haven't had a chance to take any of the classes yet (just a few lectures thus far), but looking at the list of instructors, this is quite an impressive offering! 

Hope you find this site useful, or know somebody who will, and you will be moved to support this great work they're doing!

(PS. They also are planning to build orphanages in India, and could use some help.)




"Help! I ’m Looking for Jesus in the OT"

John Starke, Help! I’m Looking for Jesus in the OT – The Gospel Coalition Blog

OT commentaries do not help much in pointing forward to Christ. To where, then, can we look? Keller and Clowney suggest: "Use the Scripture indexes of New Testament commentaries and biblical theologies."

Interesting suggestions, particularly the first; I wouldn't have thought of checking the indexes in reverse direction!






Google Dictionary / Translator

Google Dictionary is a pretty useful tool. I've been using it for translating English <-> Chinese and it has some nice features. It gives you Chinese-English definitions along with Chinese-Chinese definitions. It also gives you some sample sentences to make sure you get the right usage. 

Google Translate is also a lot more helpful than other translating tools out there for translating whole phrases. It does more than look up word by word. There is a video you can watch that tells you more about it also.




DimSum Chinese Language Tool

Heard about this from Jon Tsai. Pretty useful!

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